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TBT: The Ocean 9-18-97

I found some old scraps of writing and journal writing from my past as I sorted through a cluttered cabinet in the office desk the other day.

When I lived in Virginia Beach and attended Old Dominion University…

It would be hard not to fall in love with the ocean: the soft, salty air, the sound of the lapping waves, and the beauty.

I sit here, watching it in the dark. It gets closer with each wave, each inky, black wave. And the orange moon just shines down in one zig-zagging stripe that seems to leap off the edge of the horizon.

This is my dream…writing on the beach. I never thought it would happen so soon. It’s not quite how I expected it to be, but I’m loving it anyway.

If everything else in my life seems difficult now, at least I have this. The beach is my sanctuary. It doesn’t love or hate. The ocean just breathes. With each breath is takes, it heaves another wave…and each wave is perfect. I am lost in this wondrous creation’s ferociousness, yet awed by its sparkling charm.



TBT: My very first disclaimer

In hunting for something to post for Throw Back Thursday, since I’ve been a slacker again as of late, I found myself mostly amused by the page in my old writing binder I have ignored and flipped past time and again… my welcome page. Like a good deal of what I post for TBT, this was written when I was in high school, and it seems silly and cute now, though I’m sure that was not my initial intention.

Welcome!!! [yes, I overused my exclamation points]
You are about to step into the mind of Terree L. Klaes. Everything in the following pages was developed in my mind, and then typed out for your reading enjoyment. I hope that as you travel through my stories and poems, you are touched, shocked, and overwhelmed. I write for my own pleasure, but most of all, for others to enjoy. The mind is limitless, as is my writing, and I hope you find that I am skilled and talented. Thank you for your time; you will not be disappointed.
Yours Faithfully,
Terree L. Klaes

Throw Back Thursday: Sinister Eyes

A Throw Back Thursday poem from 1994, when I believe I was a high school junior.  I once attempted to translate this into Spanish for a class assignment, but I cannot find that and it was probably all wrong anyway.

Retrieved from

Retrieved from

Sinister Eyes

There once was a man

with sinister eyes

that could pierce your body through


He lived in the darkness

in his own little world,

but longed for something more


There came a day

when this sinister man

knew Death was at his door


He tried to fight back,

but could not succeed,

then collapsed from an awful disease


Now his sinister eyes

are tightly shut,

his arms folded over his chest.


It is hard to believe

such a misfortunate man

could have such a tranquil rest.


Terree L. Klaes copyright 1994

Throw Back Thursday: Broken

I’ve been enjoying the embarrassing old pictures people are posting on Instagram and Facebook every Thursday, and I’ve even participated a bit.  Then I thought, “What’s more embarrassing than old big hair pictures of myself?  Stuff I wrote back in the day. So, in that vein I believe I will begin Throw Back Thursdays on my blog every few weeks.


It used to be a tool,

and every beat was good.

So many beats for you.

I always thought it would last,

and beat a billion more

strong beats for you.

Now it is broken up.

My heart no longer pounds

any beats at all.

It is broken and destroyed,

shattered and crushed,

and no more beats are left.

I wish it could beat again,

but it’s too broken to care,

and too hurt to even try.

Why must it all end?

This broken tool is dead.

It will never beat again.

Copyright 1995