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TBT: My very first disclaimer

In hunting for something to post for Throw Back Thursday, since I’ve been a slacker again as of late, I found myself mostly amused by the page in my old writing binder I have ignored and flipped past time and again… my welcome page. Like a good deal of what I post for TBT, this was written when I was in high school, and it seems silly and cute now, though I’m sure that was not my initial intention.

Welcome!!! [yes, I overused my exclamation points]
You are about to step into the mind of Terree L. Klaes. Everything in the following pages was developed in my mind, and then typed out for your reading enjoyment. I hope that as you travel through my stories and poems, you are touched, shocked, and overwhelmed. I write for my own pleasure, but most of all, for others to enjoy. The mind is limitless, as is my writing, and I hope you find that I am skilled and talented. Thank you for your time; you will not be disappointed.
Yours Faithfully,
Terree L. Klaes

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