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My name:  Terri Lynn Klaes Harper

Status:  Married with 1 dog (Robert and an Australian Shepherd- Atticus Nerfherder Harper)

*RIP to Sir Dylan, Mara Jade, and Truffles* 

Age: lower-mid 40’s, but probably acts more like 20-something

Occupation: Slacking author, former high school English teacher, former Road Warrior, current stick-in-the-mud at a pyrotechnics manufacturer, and searcher for my dream


Instagram/Twitter: @DrewHotchner

Facebook Author Page: Terri Klaes Harper


Keeping up my relationship with God

Learning to train a puppy to be a therapy dog

Writing, such as this amazing book- Memoirs of an Ordinary Girl: The Middle-ish Ages

Reading all the things

Having a love-hate relationship with running and healthy eating (bacon and chocolate forever!)

Singing loudly when I think nobody is listening

Spreading the word about and fighting against human trafficking

Reveling in the glory of not having the responsibility of children (this does not mean I do not like other people’s kids- common misconception- we actually raised my grand-niece for two years and she will always have our hearts)

Other stuff about me (other than the fact that I’m awesome AND funny):  Read my blog to find out.

I’ve always been best at expressing myself through written word; I like to let my thoughts roll around in my mind before committing them to any form of permanence, and I wish others would do the same.  Let’s face it- few of us ever get a chance to truly think before we speak, but it becomes almost necessary to do so in order to write…well.

Organizing my thoughts, however, is quite a challenge.  There is usually so much going on inside my mind that I truly feel trying to put them into any sort of structure is often like “trying to herd cats.”  My thoughts tend to scurry, scamper, chase strings, and sometimes get their claws stuck in the curtains of my brain.  During the latter, I find I need to express these thoughts before they get lost in the litter box of my mind.

But enough of the cat metaphor- I’m a dog person!

My original goal when I decided to set up this blog space was to address the issue of why I do not have children, since so many people (strangers included and maybe even especially) believe it is their business to find out why a 30-something, married, intelligent, and fairly attractive woman would allow herself to remain without child.  This seems a good forum for that… but truthfully, I mostly desire to remain true to my old nickname, Random Girl (before people randomly threw the word around for random purposes), and go off on tangents from time to time, or as often as my brain yells “squirrel!” and then chases it.  My blog theme is “themeless.” And the whole kids thing got really complicated around 2014, a few years after the induction of this blog.

Mostly, I am a walking paradox and an enigma to myself.  I am an introvert who enjoys writing out my thoughts to share with others; I am organized on the outside, yet scattered on the inside; I am a rebel, when it is safe; I am a homebody who loves to travel and see the world; I’m confident in my talents, yet never feel good enough- you get the idea… Read my posts if you don’t believe me.  Or, just please read my posts…please!  My mom doesn’t even read them.  Just kidding- I think she finally subscribed.

By the way, just as a formality, keep in mind that unless otherwise stated, all works and posts published to my blog are mine and since they are “fixed” blah, blah, blah (insert other legal lingo here) they are copyrighted works of mine, so don’t steal my stuff! It’s not cool.



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