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I don’t want to make excuses. I’m just going to be honest. If you follow my blog regularly, you know I’m not a regularly type writer, but over the last year my blogging has been fairly steady…until recently.  I hate to admit, but I’ve had to put my writing on hold for a short time while I adjust to a new life situation (sure, that’s probably the time I need to write most, but I just haven’t had time).  This won’t last long.  After all, writing is essential for me to function properly. I contemplated giving it up, thinking maybe it just isn’t important anymore, in light of my new role in life. Maybe I could come back to it later sometime, but that’s ridiculous.  I’ve always loved writing, even when I only do it for myself or to work through my emotions.  Since I left teaching over a year ago, I finally found time to do it freely and I cannot give it up now; it’s part of who I am.  It would be like cutting off an arm, and just as painful in a different sense.

What does all this mean, and what am I rambling on about? I’m just stating that the regularity of my posts will come again, though for now, they may be slow and erratic.  I’ll be in Guatemala next week on a mission trip, so no posts will come during that time.  When I return and for a couple weeks following, I’ll be adjusting to a new routine and schedule, but I’ll be back, so check in on me from time to time.  I had also planned to begin writing the next book in my Memoirs of an Ordinary Girl series in August, though I may now wait until September.  I have a few other projects floating around in my head and throughout various files on my computer. This is just a short pause.  I’m not hitting the stop button. I (and Drew) will be back.


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  1. Living life is important! 🙂


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