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TBT: Till Death Do Us Part

I started a story many years ago. My plan was for it to begin with a romantic wedding and end in a murder… Here’s just a tiny taste:

Blood red, ocean blue, and springtime green reflected on the alter through the beautiful stained glass window.  The “Wedding March” began being played on the huge pipe organ and all heads in the church turned to see the gorgeous, young bride take her last steps as a child into adulthood and matrimony.
She was scared and happy all at the same time. Her father gave her a reassuring look as her long, white dress flowed out behind her. She looked radiant with her ivory complexion and dark brown hair. Her bright, emerald eyes searched the onlookers. Then she saw him. Not the man she was about to unite lives with, but the one who had first pleaded she marry him. She had refused and they had not spoken for almost a year.

There’s more, but it all needs work and I have other projects to complete first.


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