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My Comeback: Day One

This will be my fastest written blog post ever…so I apologize for any errors. Today, I begin to get my life back to a routine that allows me to be me again.  I have felt lost for over a month now.  That will happen when you suddenly step into a parenting role with no chance to prepare (please do not think this means I resent what we are doing or my amazing little grand niece…it just means my life changed too quickly for me to keep up and I have to figure that part out now.)

First day of VPK

First day of VPK

Today was the first day of VPK.  It was an emotional drop off, for me, not Linnea.  She handled herself just fine and told me I could go because she wasn’t go to cry or anything. I waited till I got to the car to tear up, suck the snot back up,and take a deep breath,  and then was ok. After all, I only have three hours to clean the house, write a blog post and a grocery list, and go over the budget.  I won’t get to it all today, which is why this is day one of my comeback.  Once I get my life and home back in order I can begin to write again too, which excites the heck out of me because I’ve missed it so. And now I will have the time when Linnea is here to spend with her instead of feeling like I’m breaking her heart when she asks me every five minutes if I can play with her but I have to say no because the laundry won’t wash itself.

Now off to strip the beds and vacuum…


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  1. I am so proud of you and Robert


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