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Ah, to capture the confusion of the content feeling when you find yourself relationship-less, and someone comes along wanting you to give that up and risk another… and I threw in a little rhyme scheme.


How is it that I feel this way,

(so unrelentingly insane)?

When I have all that I should want?

Or do I use it just to flaunt?

I have never meant to hurt a soul.

This has never been my role.

But please don’t move my heart too fast.

I have not yet gotten over the last.

Oh, what is it that I do so crave,

That makes me wonder quite this way?

He still lingers in my mind,

But I wish to leave him far behind.

This is too much for me right now,

And thinking about it gets me down.

But what else am I to so?

He took my heart, and here’s the proof:

I still think of him all the time,

Although this I will always deny.

But even if he realized his mistake,

I could not trust him after this heartbreak.

My pride will take a long time to mend,

But I will never again let my heart bend.

I don’t want to drag you along,

And put you in a spot where you don’t belong.

I just don’t know what it is I want.

I know I think about it a lot.

I guess I’ll just take one step at a time.

Small steps are usually the best kind.

–Terree L. Klaes – –




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