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Happy Hippie Poem

I made some sort of suggestion on my blog the other day that I’d look for something a bit more cheerful since I declared this poetry week and posted a couple dark poems in a row.  I don’t know what I was thinking when I said that.  Apparently I had forgotten that in my poetry writing days, I wasn’t a very cheerful person.  Well, that’s not completely true either.  I just needed poetry writing therapy more when I was sad.

Oh, but I found one.  If I remember correctly, I wrote this one almost mockingly because a few of my family members told me all I ever wrote was depressing.  That means this is pretty cheesy, but I’m posting it because I am a woman of my word.  Please don’t hold the poem against me, and come back again.

make love not war

Hippie Poem

World peace starts here

within your heart and mind

Each individual person

can change a life

Put down your verbal weapons

and physical ones too

Give someone a hug

and a great big smile

Plant a tree outside

within the world’s back yard

Show how you care

and the love that you possess

Don’t pick a flower

but let it grow forever

Stretch out your arms

and express your love

-Terree L. Klaes-



Ok, it isn’t that bad.  I have read worse.  I may have even written worse, and then crumpled it up into a ball and thrown it away or burned it.  But I’m sure some people will like it.  Back to the angsty teen stuff tomorrow.  I guess I just feel there is more substance in those poems of mine.


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