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Ah, to capture the confusion of the content feeling when you find yourself relationship-less, and someone comes along wanting you to give that up and risk another… and I threw in a little rhyme scheme.


How is it that I feel this way,

(so unrelentingly insane)?

When I have all that I should want?

Or do I use it just to flaunt?

I have never meant to hurt a soul.

This has never been my role.

But please don’t move my heart too fast.

I have not yet gotten over the last.

Oh, what is it that I do so crave,

That makes me wonder quite this way?

He still lingers in my mind,

But I wish to leave him far behind.

This is too much for me right now,

And thinking about it gets me down.

But what else am I to so?

He took my heart, and here’s the proof:

I still think of him all the time,

Although this I will always deny.

But even if he realized his mistake,

I could not trust him after this heartbreak.

My pride will take a long time to mend,

But I will never again let my heart bend.

I don’t want to drag you along,

And put you in a spot where you don’t belong.

I just don’t know what it is I want.

I know I think about it a lot.

I guess I’ll just take one step at a time.

Small steps are usually the best kind.

–Terree L. Klaes – –




This One Goes Out to the One I Love

In honor of not buying gifts for each other, I’m keeping Christmas simple for Robert, but I want to dedicate this post as his gift.  You can peek if you want, but it’s really for one man.


I love you even more now than I ever have before.  It just grows and matures, and changes.  This will be out fourteenth Christmas together, and we’ve come so far.

In 1999 we had just announced our engagement to everyone.

Christmas 1999

Christmas 1999

Every year (except the first year we were actually married) I have bought you one special gift, the annual “Puppy Love” ornament from Hallmark.  I didn’t even know then that we would end up expanding our family by having dogs!

Puppy Love 1999

Puppy Love 1999

Then we had our first married Christmas in 2000.

first Christmas
In 2007, we had our first Christmas with Dylan, our handsome boy.



…and then we had MJ by the next Christmas, because no one can have just one Aussie.

Mara Jade

Mara Jade

In all these years we’ve been together, we’ve had struggles, but we’ve always had love.  I can’t wait to see what the rest of our Christmases will be like together.

The year you bought me my iPod for Christmas, one of the first songs I downloaded always makes me think of you and how precious our time is when we are together.

I get so caught up in all my responsibilities that I often forget to take the time to just waste time with you.  And in the last seven or so years, I really lost touch with the romantic side of myself that used to do things like write the following poem that I wrote for you once upon a time:

We could bathe in the moonlight,

or watch the sun come up.

But to taste your sweet kiss,

is all I really want.

Shower me with roses.

Clothe me in jewels.

But the greatest gift to me

is to know that I have you.

If I died tomorrow,

it would be okay,

because I would see you in Heaven

one day, I pray.

Devour my love

as if it were your last meal.

I give your soul an eternal hug,

so you can know how you make me feel.

Precious in my sight, you are

my beaming ray of light.

I love you, Robert.  Merry Christmas.  XOXOXOX