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I think I’ve decided to make this week “poetry week” on my blog.  I mentioned yesterday that I didn’t write much poetry after my teen years.  According to the date on this one, I was still just barely 19.  Poetry was the best outlet I had for my feelings and I don’t remember the inspiration for this one in particular, but I know I had moved away from all my friends and it took me a while to find my place in my new environment. I felt vulnerable, obviously.  Maybe I’ll look for something more uplifting tomorrow.


In this bleak world

I am the prey

Just another victim

A casualty without a name

What makes me feel these things?

And what is it I’m feeling?

I always get knocked down

Right after I’m done healing

I could hate this world

And all the people in it

But it all comes down to me

And the way I choose to live it

That may not make it better

In fact, it feels worse

But every human pays a price

Every mortal has a curse

–Terree L. Klaes – –

October 6, 1997



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