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There’s just today left for my free ebook promo for Memoirs of an Ordinary Girl: The Middle-ish Ages.  Yeah, I feel a little cheap just giving the book away like that, but I have to believe everyone will still love and respect me once they actually read the book.

I did the math, and it just didn’t make sense.  Normally I get a 70% royalty on an ebook sale, but 70% of zero is nothing, right?  I was always more of an English girl than a math whiz, but I know I took a risk with this.  And I went back and forth on it, like Gollum.


Me:  But it’s my precious.

Other Me: Well, nobody will be able to read it if they don’t know it exists.

Me: How will I feed my husband, myself, and my dogs if I give it away for free?

Other Me: Maybe people will love it so much they will all write up awesome reviews on Amazon.  Then it will be more visible to shoppers and sales and ranking will increase.

Me: Do you swear it?

Other Me: I swear it on the precious!

Yeah, it was all really creepy.  In the long run, Other Me won and now we both wait to see if it is correct.  This whole self-promoting stuff is all new for me and each decision I make is a new risk.  I don’t like to think of being a writer as running a business, because it’s art, but if I want people to read my art, I have to promote it.  Giving away freebies is a classic technique in bringing in business, right?

Go ahead and take a chance with me and download the book for free this one last day.  Then if you love it, or even just mostly like it, please take a minute to write up a review for me.  Maybe this will encourage me to finish the sequel faster.  My goal is to have it ready for Amazon by Christmas.

I can’t have regrets.  I have to keep moving forward.



I love free stuff.  It makes me smile.  I want to make others smile by giving away free stuff, namely my book.

Today (8/30/13) through Monday (9/2/13) I am giving away my ebook.

A few people thought my timing on this was weird because I just launched my book in print after having the ebook available for a year now.  Why would I do this?  Honestly, I just want people to read my book, love it, and tell others about it.  Also, people are more likely to risk reading something unknown if it’s free than they are to buy something unfamiliar to them, right?  So, the freebie ebook giveaway is my sneaky way to get noticed, have people give a free book and chance, and then let them decide if a paper book (which always has a higher overhead cost) is worth adding to their libraries.  It’s a way to check it out before investing.

Personally, I think Memoirs of an Ordinary Girl: The Middle-ish Ages is a well-written, well-voiced book, but I might be biased since I wrote it an all.  So…I am asking others to read it and hopefully add reviews to my page as well.  Help me get noticed.

Pass along the news and spread the link:

Maybe Not so Ordinary

Last August, I published a tween/young adult novel, Memoirs of an Ordinary Girl: The Middle-ish Ages.  Then the school year started and I did little to promote it.  Now that it is summer and I no longer have the doom of an impending school year ahead (since I quit my day job), I am working towards getting the word out again on my book.  And I am working on the sequel.  The protagonist, Drew,  must move on and join those who have lived in the misery of being a freshman.

Who would like this book?

Who wouldn’t?

Seriously, the target audience is middle school girls; however, many adults have read it and enjoyed reliving their awkward middle school moments as well.  It’s a humorous tale of a girl figuring out who she really is, and it’s set at the cusp between the ’80s and ’90s, so if you enjoy nostalgia, give it a try.

I’m also trying out a new summer pricing of $2.99, down from $4.99.  This is far less expensive than most alternative forms of “entertainment” out there these days (anybody attempt to go to a movie any time recently?), so take a sneak peak, buy it, read it, and tell all your friends about it, especially if they have preteen girls.  I want to build up the proper age of followers as well.