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Mommy, Where do Free Books Come from? or How to Help Feed an Indie Author

When an author and words love each other, they create a book. But a free book comes from a special place.

It’s trite, but it’s true.  Nothing in life is free.  Book giveaways are a way for authors to promote their books and there is an etiquette for it.  There is a tacit agreement when you accept a freebie book in a giveaway that you will help out that author. You see, in all honesty, we are hoping that the free book recipients will be appreciative of our giving up our precious work for absolutely nothing by reciprocating in the form of a review or word of mouth advertising. If you receive a free book from us, we get nothing for it unless you help us get the word out about our works. We hope you love it so much you want to tell everyone you know about it, and then they will tell their friends and family about it, who will then tell everyone they know about it… You see the pattern, so that’s enough of that.  The point is, word of mouth and reviews can grow and spread exponentially, especially with social media, unless you keep quiet about it, in which case, the possible momentum of a great (or even mildly enjoyable) book dies with you.


Consider this: A few months back, my husband and I and a friend of ours were out shopping and beginning to consider a place to grab some dinner. We just happened to walk past a restaurant that was doing a practice, pre-opening night and they invited us in for a free meal.  The food was amazing and experience and atmosphere was impressive, so we told everyone by posting on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.  By the restaurant (MShack at St. John’s Town Center in Jacksonville, FL) hosting this free dinner night they got free advertising and were able to practice making and serving the food, as well as get feedback from us and the other lucky free dinner recipients that evening.  Written reviews of free books do the same thing as they not only spread the word and inform those searching for a good book that this is one to take a chance on, but the author also gets to read some feedback.

review an author

Tell your friends, neighbors, coworkers, the girl ringing up your groceries. Write a review on Amazon, Goodreads, your blog, or basically any social media outlet you choose.

Do you know many authors?  The majority of us are not rich off our royalties.  In fact, the number of authors able to live off the income from their books alone is minute, as one grain of sand on the beach or a single screaming girl at a One Direction concert.

We can write our hearts out and produce a masterpiece, but unless someone voices to another how extraordinary the book is, nobody else will ever know and it will die in obscurity.

So help a brother or sister out!  Read it. Review it. Let the author know how you feel.

If you’re interested in helping this starving artist click here.




I love free stuff.  It makes me smile.  I want to make others smile by giving away free stuff, namely my book.

Today (8/30/13) through Monday (9/2/13) I am giving away my ebook.

A few people thought my timing on this was weird because I just launched my book in print after having the ebook available for a year now.  Why would I do this?  Honestly, I just want people to read my book, love it, and tell others about it.  Also, people are more likely to risk reading something unknown if it’s free than they are to buy something unfamiliar to them, right?  So, the freebie ebook giveaway is my sneaky way to get noticed, have people give a free book and chance, and then let them decide if a paper book (which always has a higher overhead cost) is worth adding to their libraries.  It’s a way to check it out before investing.

Personally, I think Memoirs of an Ordinary Girl: The Middle-ish Ages is a well-written, well-voiced book, but I might be biased since I wrote it an all.  So…I am asking others to read it and hopefully add reviews to my page as well.  Help me get noticed.

Pass along the news and spread the link: