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My Protagonist’s Birthday and a Countdown to the Countdown

In my weird little writer’s world, this week is a big deal.  I will launch the sequel to my Memoirs of an Ordinary Girl: The Middle-ish Ages this Friday, both in print as an an ebook.  Drew, my protagonist also just shared a birthday with the anniversary of the original theatrical release of Star Wars from back in 1977 (of course that’s why I chose that as her birthday!) I thought it was the “perfect storm” to brew up something special to celebrate, so I decided to run a Kindle Countdown Deal on the ebook so people might be able to catch up with Drew’s life before her freshman year surfaces.

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This is my first experience with Kindle Countdown Deals and I’m not super impressed. Oh, sure, it’s not just them; it’s me as well. But, sadly, it’s just not what I thought it would be. In looking for places to promote this sale I discovered these deals are not a big enough deal to have any special places to promote the sale, unlike all the options out there for doing free days on Kindle.  Most of the people I can reach on my own at this point through social media have already purchased or read my book, or probably just aren’t ever going to, even if I gave it to them for free and it’s the last book on Earth.  I need to reach new people, but there really isn’t a place to do it in this format.  When I signed up through KDP the information read that some books would be listed on Amazon’s special page for Kindle Countdown Deals, but there was no information on how to make that happen, so I figured it must be a random selection,a sort of Russian Roulette, but apparently, my book was not random enough as it is not on the list of about 10 books.

This was supposed to help create magical excitement to help lead into my new book’s release, but I now feel empty inside and let down. I mean, sure, my Amazon page now has a little, itty-bitty countdown clock, but people still have to find the page to see the clock. Oh, well. It’s all a learning experience, I suppose.


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  1. Always good to try new things 🙂 Good luck with the Countdown deal!


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