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The First Day of School

Judging by the Facebook posts this morning, it seems to be the first day of school in most places around the country, including right here in my town, which means it would have been the first day of my eighth year teaching.  But I am no longer teaching.  I wrote all about that difficult decision already, but I knew when the year ended that this would be the time where it would hit me the hardest, since I would have had my summer off anyway.

I woke up almost three hours later than I would have for school this morning and I feel great.  I still feel I made the right decision.  Now it’s all about the decisions I make from this point on.  I left for a reason, and I’m still fuzzy on the specifics, but it’s time to start figuring that out, to find my “greater purpose.”  I miss my students and my colleagues, but I’m enjoying the return of my sanity, having time to spend with my husband, and taking care of the house and my doggies.

Good luck to everyone!


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