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I recently pruned a tree.  This sad looking tree has been dying a slow, miserable death in my front yard for a while now, and it’s been agonizing for me to watch, and most likely for the neighbors as well.  Seriously, this is the Charlie Brown Christmas tree of the crepe myrtle world.  I really don’t know much about pruning trees, or really doing anything it seems to take to keep them alive (apparently), but I knew it was time I took some sort of action to help get rid of the “parasites” pulling life and nutrients out of the tree.  I have also now put out some fertilizer for my twiggy friend in hopes that some green leaves and little blossoms may appear once spring really gets going.

Now it’s a waiting game.  Will it pull through?

Then I realized the metaphor of this decrepit little tree as my own life.  Yeah, that’s depressing.  I’ve got parasites hanging on my branches, sucking the life and nutrients from my very soul!  What can I do about them?  Prune those suckers (pun totally intended, in case you were wondering)!  Where do I begin?  How much should I prune?  Will lively branches grow back?

I have a huge parasitic branch I know I will be trimming soon, but what will grow back in its place?  It will be another waiting game.