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My Writer’s Block Poem

so just write

I haven’t really done much poetry in years. Somehow the perfect storm of discussing writer’s block and reading the poetry of a few talented kids made the following today:

I can’t start to finish

when I can’t even begin.

Lack of inspiration

may be all in my head.

But I can’t seem to find the words

to get me through a line.

Do I have it in me,

to write a verse this time?

Empty words are dulling me.

Nothing now has meaning.

I don’t want to be a writer

with no substance, no feeling.

With my head in my hands,

I let out a monstrous moan.

Yet somehow I have done it.

I have written this poem.


Terri Klaes Harper

Copyright 2015


Throw Back Thursday: Bare Feet

It’s spring, which means here in Florida, it’s pretty much summer from now until October. In honor of the season and because I am fortunate enough to live within a few miles of the ocean, I offer a happy, sunny poem I wrote back in 1996.

Bare Feet

Bare feet in the sand,

with children running hand-in-hand.

Laughs and silly giggles.

Oh, how that foam does tickle!

And the scent of the salt air,

clings softly to sun-bleached hair.

There are castles made of sand;

so proudly they stand,

in the glory of the sun…

the soothing warmth of the sun.

Terree L. Klaes 1996