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I Would Take You Everywhere

I’ve never really considered myself much of a poet, but sometimes I just have to write them. No judging my first draft, but here goes…

I Would Take You Everywhere

I long to show you the world,
so you can understand its diversity,
and know of all the beauty
God created for us to see.
Your sense of wonder and adventure
deserves a chance to experience more
than this small corner of the world
can ever provide your mind.
If you were mine forever,
I could take you by car,
by train, plane, or boat
To learn of the lands you ponder
But if I cannot take you
by land, air, or sea,
Travel there by books, my Dear,
Passports to adventure anywhere.
Don't let anyone tear down your dreams,
or tell you they're sorry but they just cannot be.
I see you for who you are,
and its more than some will ever see.