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Bankrupt without Love

I have a fascination with dystopian literature.  I’m not sure why, but I’ve always been intrigued by the idea of a perfectly planned society gone askew. The feeling of gray in these stories helps to contrast the color in my reality.  Because we cannot plan perfection; we cannot control thoughts; we cannot limit the abilities of love.  Discovery of self and the ability of even one to make a difference always overcomes the control factor.

This is not what I had planned to write about actually.  I recently heard a song a few times that I thought I might write a little something about.  When I pulled it up on Youtube I found the official video and was impressed that the song was set to the backdrop of a dystopian society and that love was what overcame.  Please enjoy For King and Country’s “The Proof of Your Love.”

Truth is apparent in the lyrics and the video gives an interesting take on the power of love.

I hope that I show love every day, but I’m not sure how others view me.  I feel love on the inside, but often I’m not sure how to express it.  My goal is to do more to be the proof of God’s love in my life.