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I’m a Writer, Not a Conversationalist

Confession: I am an introvert, as I imagine the majority of writers must be. This makes the tasks of self-promoting, public speaking, and the ever-dreaded networking nearly insurmountable for me. While an extrovert views a room full of strangers as a room full of potential friends, I use the spy skills I’ve acquired from watching Alias and all the Jason Bourne movies to scope out all the escape routes. Alas, I am not as agile and quick to escape as Sydney and Jason; thus, I usually find myself stuck in awkward small-talk. I despise small-talk. It’s so…small… and insignificant. I only want to exchange verbal words that have meaning. And don’t get me started on having to talk about myself to strangers.

All of this is to express to my readers the fear and anxiety I felt going into the huge book signing and author event I was part of on Saturday. There were around fifty authors and random people coming into the Veterans Memorial Library in St. Cloud, Florida that day. I felt like part of an assembly line, or worse, part of a speed-dating event. Authors were lined up at tables with our books, business cards, and shining smiles on display. Potential readers journeyed from table to table, judging our books by their covers, occasionally asking us questions about ourselves and our books. Whenever I had the chance to talk, I felt like I was vomiting incoherent strings of words.

Yet, I felt a value in all of the torture.  It was a chance to be seen, to tell about Drew, my dear protagonist/me, and to see what other authors do. We all had a chance to learn from each other, spanning across the genres. Yes, this was a valuable experience, even if it made me feel as out of place as an adult at a Justin Bieber concert.

I also just gained access to my interview from the event. 


My 100th Post Celebration

100 posts

Almost two years ago, I decided to begin a blog and I immediately declared it would be a random assemblage of whatever I felt like writing about when I felt like writing.  The result?  A random blog with a small following.  What happens is that I’ll pick up followers who think my blog is about…whatever, but then I write about somethingelse two days later. Weeks could go by before I even mention whatever again, or I might just move on to thatotherthing. I understand this is frustrating to people searching a specific theme, but my theme is following my whim of what to write about, so loyalty is harder to come by.  Honestly, I know if I focused on one thing I’d gain a larger following, but I wouldn’t have nearly as much fun as I do just being myself, which is really the whole reason I started doing this anyway.

I just glanced over my posts from the beginning and am proud of my well-roundedness.  I began with my reasons for not having children and moved into my support of adoption and my loathing of human trafficking;  I admitted my inability to ever be perfect, voiced my frustration of being a teacher, reflected on two mission trips, and wrote a week-long series about my dogs;  I posted odds and ends of stories and poems (old and new), including book teasers, and shared my reactions to 9/11, the Sandy Hook shooting, and the Boston Marathon bombing; and I more recently shared my deepest feelings in moving on from the teaching profession.  So there is no theme.  The theme is a chronicle of my life as only I can tell it.  I enjoy my blog in a way no one else ever will, and that’s ok, because I write it mostly for myself.  I love it when people stop in to read, but I’ll keep on writing it just the same even if nobody else ever takes another glimpse.  It is my therapy.

Now, just as Pinocchio dreamed of being a real boy, my book Memoirs of an Ordinary Girl: The Middle-ish Ages is now a real book.  I couldn’t think of anything better to help celebrate my 100th blog post.  It’s still an ebook on Amazon, but now it’s also available in print through CreateSpace and Amazon.  I will be able to hold my baby as soon as it arrives in the mail.

If you think you might also want to hold my baby, but you’re just not sure of the risk in paying for it, check it out for free on kindle this Labor Day weekend at this kindle site.

If you do read it, let me know what you think.  I’m working on the sequel now.