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My Words as Weapons: The Unnerving Rising Number

As I mentioned last week, my Wednesday blog is about human trafficking.  If I can keep you informed, perhaps you’ll pass the knowledge along, and enough people will be enraged to actually do something to make a change.

Today’s post will be short because I know people are busy this week with Thanksgiving preparations.  Happy Thanksgiving, by the way.

When I first was drawn into the fight against human trafficking a few years back, the estimated number of people enslaved around the world was 27 million.  Today as I research, many of the organizations are changing the number to an estimated 30 million!  We need more people fighting and sharing awareness so this number will stop increasing and will instead begin declining.

3 million more people enslaved.  Heartbreaking.

Of course, these are all estimated numbers anyway, and what does that mean exactly?  The word trafficking implies movement, right? Selling, trading, importing, exporting people.  Any time money exchanges hands for a person. It’s not like there is legal paperwork tracing the whereabouts of these unfortunate people, so numbers must be estimated by the compiling of many variables.  I guess, technically, the number could be lower, but most say even this updated number is most likely a conservative estimate, meaning, there’s a good chance the victim count is higher.

This Thanksgiving, give thanks if you know where all your loved ones are and that they are safe.  Pray for those who are not.

Proverbs 31:8-9