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TBT: Words are Life

Cleaning our home office has yielded the discovery of many treasures, such as this poem. I had long forgotten its existence, but when I found it, I remembered the point when I came to the epiphany that in neglecting my writing, I had neglected a part of who I am. It’s not always easy to find time to write, and the world around me often leaves me unable to sneak in even a few sentences, but I need it as often as I can. I need words.


wrought with anger,

dripping with tears,

pure intensity.


The salvage of me.

And who am I?

Don’t you see?


I am Frankenstein’s creation…

dead pieces melded together.

Now bring me to life!


A perversion of self,

no longer who I used to be.

Now bring me to life!


Can I again use words

to find my inner self?

Can words bring me back to life?


My soul has no voice.

My heart bereft of inspiration.

I need the words…life.


Terri L. Harper

Copyright 2005

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  1. I’m glad that even if you only have a few minutes, that you do, in fact, take out the time to write. I stopped writing for many years and always felt like a piece of me was missing. It’s important to stay true to yourself and to the writer in you. 🙂

    • Some people just don’t understand the need. It’s nice to come across others who do.

      • A couple months back, I had a flash drive crash on me. All of my latest projects and last saves were on it. It was devastating. I felt like I was missing a limb and couldn’t write another word until I got that piece of myself back.

        This changed my perspective on writing. The tears I cried were akin to those of losing my closest friend. I never want to go through that again. Now, I make it a priority, even if it’s only for half an hour, to write every day. (The good news is that I did get all my data back. It cost $250 and was worth every single penny.)

      • Oh, wow! I cannot imagine the feeling. Glad you were able to recover your work.

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