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Eyes Full of Wonder

I see wonder and love in your large, cornflower blue eyes- the eyes outlined in rings of midnight blue. I can’t help but speak in color terms from a Crayola box because that captures who you are…as you always say, “Colorful.” Your anticipation of seeing and doing something new, the possibilities of adventure, yet the need to hold my hand bring a smile to my soul. What an honor to be part of your wonder and learning, and to have your love.  We watched a sunrise sky streaked with shades of purple, violet, lavender and pink in the blazing hues of orange (yellow- orange, orange-yellow, burnt orange, and vivid tangerine) while yellows shot out from the edges of clouds, and the start of a new day brought me hope for all that is new and wondrous in your world and all those eyes will see.


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  1. Written with a mother’s heart.


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