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TBT: Fears

So… I wrote this “back in the day.”  I don’t know what day exactly, but I found it with some old stuff, and I’m guessing it’s from my creative writing class in high school (maybe 1994?). A little dark, but I kinda like it. Enjoy.


The moonlight shone in the window, casting odd, velvety shadows onto the floor below her bed. The child opened her eyes and watched the full moon outside her window. There was a strange presence in the room. She could feel it, but not yet see it. Quietly, she curled up into the fetal position and pulled the blanket up around her so that only her eyes were exposed.

It was beginning. The shadows below her bed started moving about. The full moon made them do crazy things, evil things that she did not know how to stop. Just leave me alone tonight she thought to herself. Please leave me alone.

They were morphing.  The shadows took on the forms of her three fears: Anger, Death, and Loneliness.

Anger appeared first, a steaming, hot, red object, with the fiercest teeth she had ever seen.  He yelled and screamed about things she did not yet know about or understand. She tried to plug her ears up with her tiny fingers, but she could still hear Anger, as if he were right next to her, or inside her head.

Death suddenly emerged from the dancing shadows below her bed. He was always the quietest one. He just paced back and forth, a long cloak of blackness and piercing red eyes, waiting and watching her. He knew she saw him and she knew he sensed her fear. He had already taken her mother and sister away from her. She felt that she must be next.

Loneliness was the worst fearsome shadow to the girl. He always came after Death had passed. He wasn’t a vivid red, or a dark blackness, but gray. Gray was the most frightening of all colors because it was merely what was left behind when all else was gone. And after Death sucked the life out of people and took them away, Loneliness feasted on the lives of the people left behind. She knew Loneliness, for he both filled and devoured the voids in her heart and soul that Death had left from her mother and sister.

Anger was no innocent though. If it had not been for him, Death would never have known to strike down her loved ones. Anger and her father had brought Death to the house before. He knew how to get the best of her father and made him lose his temper and fall to violent behavior.

Just an accident, she thought to herself. It was all Anger’s fault. He then looked up at her and laughed. The three shadows were lined up and ready to start. The procession had begun. Slowly, they marched from her bedroom to that of her father’s. It was time.

She quickly calculated to herself: If Anger got to her father again, and Death took her, the only one remaining, why was Loneliness there? He would no longer need to antagonize her, for she would belong to Death. Unless Loneliness followed her, even to the grave…

“No! Help!”

Lights. They quickly flittered through her eyelids. “Honey, it was a dream.”

“Mommy? I’m scared.”

“I know, but Daddy isn’t going to hurt you. You, your sister, and I are leaving tonight.”



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