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My Words as Weapons: Some SAGE Advice

Usually I reserve Wednesdays as my day to highlight some aspect of human trafficking.  This week I scheduled a stop on a book blog tour for Wednesday, so I am moving it up a day.

I stumbled upon a nonprofit I thought was perfectly in line with the prevention of trafficking, SAGE Ministries. Their tagline on Facebook is “Changing the World One Girl at a Time,” which is exactly what we must do in order to keep as many girls out of the trap that can be created for young girls who feel they have nobody  to turn to and nowhere to go.  In today’s world, so many homes are broken and as I’ve discussed in previous posts, this can lead girls the wrong direction where they may become victims to people they think want to care for them but really just want to ensnare and enslave them. This organization is nondenominational but it based on biblical foundations.  They are not working directly as an anti-human trafficking organization, but it is my belief that organizations such as this, which address gender-specific issues, is a good place to turn and learn how to be responsible, loving,light-giving, supportive young women in a world that is sometimes so dark.   


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