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Some Beats None

I stole the title from a main takeaway idea from the book Start by Jon Acuff. (This isn’t really a book review, but a focus on what I’m thinking about now based on this one idea.) I have to keep reminding myself of these three words of wisdom because I am so often an all or nothing, perfectionist type of person.

Well, if I can’t get it perfect the first time, I just don’t want to do it.


I don’t have time to do all of it at once, so I just won’t start it at all.

But… we all have to begin somewhere, right?

I have a huge revolving to do list and I feel like I add more to it than I am ever able to check off.  Accomplishing one thing often leads to more that needs to be done to keep up.  This is because I am a writer getting ready to release a new book, and because I am a bit neurotic.  No, seriously, I feel I must remain busy because I have no “real job” anymore since I left the teaching profession, and I am now always trying to find ways to continue participating in contributing to society.  Otherwise I would feel worthless, and being able to do this was part of the reason I left my job.  It all ties together in one vicious cycle, but I can only keep my sanity if I hold onto the “some beats none” mantra.

I cannot do it all at once, but I can do what I can when I can do it.  You follow? I have learned to break down my to do list with more subcategories so I can still see my progress even if I do not yet see results.  It really helps.

In writing this post, I have already done a little of the some I have on today’s to do list.  One small victory.  Now onto the next!


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