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Final Countdown Update

There are fourteen days between today and the day I begin running my fourth Ragnar Relay. I have now been able to run successfully three times, and will run this afternoon after I get home from impersonating a history teacher. I’ve been taking it easy on my newly healed leg (possible tibial stress fracture or torn tendon or ligament) in order to make sure it is healed and I do not overwork it too fast and re-injure. But it’s frustrating.  So I have been integrating riding my bike and the use of our elliptical machine, along with some pilates and yoga in hopes of these helping me to prepare.  But there is no cardio like running, and running is the best training for running.  *Sigh*  It’s going to have to be enough. Time is running out.

I may have put on a few pounds and inches while I was unable to run between Thanksgiving and Christmas, in part because I wasn’t active, and also because I was eating my fill of yummy unhealthy candy in hopes of coating my sadness in chocolate since I could not run.  Oh, the evil cycle.  Anyway, I cut both those pounds and the inches in about a week, and I’m active again, so this is a good thing.

Some have asked how I did that so quickly, so I’ll share here.  Every January, and sometimes in June, my husband and I do a fat flush/cleanse diet for two or three weeks.  It works, it’s healthy, I feel awesome, and my skin looks good too.  The dogs love it because they get more bits of apples and such “treats.” The hitch?  I have to eat about a gazillion tons of vegetables, and I’m not a fan of vegetables.  I’d rather eat chocolate covered bacon, or either of those things individually…or fried foods, like pickles.  But I digress. My point?  It takes a tremendous amount of self-discipline, time to prepare and eat the food, and determination on my part to succeed, which is why the flush calls for three weeks, but my husband and I tend to negotiate until we agree on two weeks.  He enjoys the meals while I chew, and chew, and chew my onions and greens.  But if you’re interested, the book is called The Formula, and it brings amazing results.

More updates on my progress and preparation to come.


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