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A Dog is this Girl’s Best Friend

Why is it that “man’s best friend” is a dog and “a diamond is a girl’s best friend”? Sure, I like diamonds, but I’d rather have the unconditional warmth and love of a dog any day. Why do women come across sounding so shallow?  Perhaps a dog wearing diamonds would be a good compromise.

dog and diamond

Now that’s just ridiculous! I don’t do fru fru dogs, or any that could possibly be mistaken as a rodent.

Ok, so perhaps “man” in the man’s best friend phrase is actually meant in the more general sense of humanity.  Or maybe not.  Another stereotype is that old lonely women are crazy and have cats, multifarious cats, not dogs. Interestingly enough, though I often heard women tend to prefer cats, and men prefer dogs, that is not necessarily the case. I found a fun read with some silly dog versus cat people statistics. Click to read.

My husband and I are proud “parents” of two Australian shepherds, and to the surprise of many, a tortoise shell cat named Truffles.  We had her first, and I do love my kitty, but the problem is that she only loves me about five minutes at a time, while Dylan and MJ, my Aussies, cannot get enough love. EVER.


I grew up as a cat person.  We had a few dogs throughout my childhood, but only the cats were allowed in the house, so I didn’t really bond with the dogs.  Then I moved from apartment to apartment, and keeping a cat was much easier.

My husband wanted a dog, so I told him once we had a house we could get a dog.  We wanted a frisbee dog, so I gifted Robert a frisbee one year for Christmas as a promise of the dog to come.  We were in our house for a few years before we finally decided on the breed we wanted and took the plunge and brought home Sir Dylan (we didn’t name him, and the only time he hears his first name is when he’s in trouble- “No, Sir!”).  A year later we got a baby sister for him, Mara Jade (we did name her, after Luke Skywalker’s wife). Now I can barely remember what it was like without them.  They seriously fill up my heart.  I spend a lot of time home alone while Robert is at work, except I’m not alone.  Truffles prefers to be alone, but Dylan and MJ are always as close to me as they can be. In fact, MJ’s head is on my foot as I type this, and Dylan is right behind me.  They know when I’m sad, when I’m happy, or if I don’t feel well, and they’re always there for me.



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