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So, Now What?

I honestly don’t have anything interesting or inspired to write today, but I’m doing it anyway.  I decided when I woke up this morning (way earlier than I would have liked) that I was going to have to establish routine in my life, or I really will feel like I’m on a perpetual summer vacation, which though many people feel I am, I am not.  I will need to do something in the near-ish future to help earn money around here.  We’ve lived off one income before, but it was not fun.

So I am setting out to create a routine for myself in order to make sure I get what I need done so I won’t feel guilty when I do what I want to do.  For some reason I have a real problem with that.  I think maybe because I worked nonstop as a teacher I feel I am not allowed to ever do anything for myself.  Obviously this is an issue I need to get over (and part of the reason I knew I had to leave the profession).  I can’t spend all my time reading, writing, or watching Doctor Who, now can I?  I have a constant to do list scrolling through my head, so I need to compromise with myself.  Being the organized person I am, this should not be a problem.

The other predicament I find myself running into, due to my preoccupation with my previous occupation, is that much has built up that needs to be done around the house in the form of organization, and it may not fall in the category of routine, but it does fall in the category of some stuff seriously needs to be thrown away if it doesn’t get put away, and I need to figure out where “put away” actually is.

This isn’t an exciting post, but I feel I have accomplished something I can cross off my Monday list, and I always feel better when I write down my frustrations.

Also, I’ve had much time to myself in the last week (maybe too much), so socialization should probably be added to my list. As an introvert,  I forget to get out of my own head and into social settings sometimes. The dilemma here is that since most social settings revolve around food, and I am currently limited in that area since Robert and I are on a strict two-week flush and detox diet, I have purposely closed myself off.  Today begins week two, so wish me luck in eating my veggies but not becoming one.


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  1. Good luck with your detox! And with setting a routine – I have to make a to-do list pretty much every day or else I’d spend all my time in front of the TV and/or reading.


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