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For Boston

We watch in shock from hundreds or even thousands of miles away.  We hurt for the victims, and we cry for them.  Why?  We most likely don’t personally know any of them.

We do this because we realize that something so senseless, because it is so senseless, could feasibly happen anywhere and to anyone.  So we watch our brothers and sisters in humanity and our hearts reach out to them.

Humanity…the quality obviously lacking in the cowards who would attack innocent people.  Or is humanity just broken?

I say no.  In the midst of such horrible attacks, those with humanity bond together and jump in to help in any way they can, like the soldiers present on scene in Boston who wanted to help and ran to the closest hospital to see if they could donate blood or do anything else to help, and numerous others who used their instincts to help their fallen brethren.  I hate when inhumane acts kill, injure, and lead us to question humanity, but I love the stories that come out of the chaos of those who quickly reach out to their fellow man and step up, proving humanity is not completely broken.

Please pray for all those touched by this incident, and for the city of Boston, so they do not have to live in fear.


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  1. Terri – you said this so beautifully. I prayed for you and all my nieces and nephews who are teachers after the Newtown shooting. Will add one more note – no president should have to attend 3 memorial services in less than 9 months for victims of these crazed people – besides the one he will attend this Thursday in Texas for the victims of that explosion. Love you – AG


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