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My Heart and Sole

The title is a bad pun.  Sorry.

The whole soul/sole thing is right at the start of Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar, and I have again let the English teacher nerdiness of my being take over my blog.  I’m not really ashamed though.

This really is all just about a pair of shoes, but not about just any pair of shoes.  These are my “magic shoes,” or at least my favorite pair of shoes I’ve ever owned (though I am now in love with my latest pair of running shoes).  Shakespeare’s cobbler would have a hard time wearing out these shoes in order to get himself more work (Do you see how thick the bottoms are?).


I’ve owned these beautiful Doc Martens for about 14 years now!  This is by far the most durable pair of shoes I’ve ever owned, but that isn’t why I love them so much.  I experienced love at first sight with these shoes, and I knew it would take time to save up to buy them, but a worthier investment I’ve only made I think one other time.

I used to wear these shoes for every possible occasion.  Sadly, over the years, I’ve had less opportunity to work them into my adult wardrobe.  Now when I remember to wear them to school on dress down days I get comments such as, “Are those Doc Martens, Mrs. Harper?  My mom has a pair,” and I feel like the kids are trying to tell me I’m old.

But I never feel old in these shoes.  To me, they are as much a part of me as my old lunch box, and like Rose to Jack, I’ll never let go.


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  1. I absolutely love Docs and they do last forever! 🙂

  2. Nice shoes.

    I had a friend in college who used to say, “I got a new pair of shoes so all the women will be falling at my feet.”

    I don’t suppose you can say that about your Doc Martens. (But you never know).


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