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In Ten Months I Get out on Good Behavior!

I am certain summer breaks were longer when I was a kid.  Also, I’m pretty sure science will conclude that there is an equal number of seconds, minutes, and hours in a day all year long, but I think the summer days (not the actual season, but the days between the last day of one school year and the beginning of the next) are actually shorter (some sort of secret conspiracy).  Then the extra time taken out is somehow added to the days that are part of the school year, but we can’t tell because we’re so busy…

Oh well.  All this ranting must mean I’m about to start another year of teaching.  It’s weird how when I was a student, I usually was at least somewhat looking forward to the start of a new year by the time the first day rolled around.  As a teacher, I’m waiting to experience that, “I’m ready to start a new year,” feeling.  Instead, part of me is in denial, and the other part is revolting against it.

So let me take stock of what I was able to accomplish over my summer break (this list may not be in order of priorities):

I was able to find time for reading, though not as many books as I had hoped

I began to find my voice here as a blogger (what I really mean is that I noticed people started reading my posts)

I spent quality time with my children (ok, they’re dogs, but to me they are my children)

I contemplated the meaning of life (my life anyway)

I spent time with friends, family, and my husband

I raised awareness of human trafficking

I took naps 🙂

I slept an average of eight hours a night instead of the six I get the rest of the year (oh- that’s where the extra time went!)

I mowed the lawn once

I helped my husband begin the next phase of bathroom renovation

I worked on taking care of my body (better food and exercise at least some of the time)

I went on a mission trip to Costa Rica

and, oh yeah, I published my book…finally.

I guess I can feel good about what I got done, but I have so much more I want to do.  Sadly, I usually feel like I have to put everything I really want to do on hold for ten months.  My goal is not to do that so much this school year.  I’ve set some personal goals, and I am really going to have to continually kick myself in the butt in order to do them.  I think I’ve found some motivation now though, which has been the missing ingredient in past years.

And, the blog posts will be less frequent, I know.  However, I am setting a goal to write at least one each week, and the topics will remain as scattered and inconsistent as ever.


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