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I love my mom dearly, but I blame her for my being a crier.  Sad occasions. Happy occasions.  They both bring equal tears, and sometimes I’m not even sure which one I’m feeling.  If you know me really well, you know I’m a crier.  But if you don’t know me too well, I like to think I take on a strong exterior (I could be completely wrong and maybe everybody can tell), because I’m pretty good at hiding the crying most of the time.  Going on the mission trip to Costa Rica brought a wealth of emotions to me, and tears.

The idea of being “called” to go somewhere and do something, whatever it may be, is an overwhelming privilege.  To be “used” for something good is awesome.  To see the world through opened eyes is a priceless opportunity.  I would love to have done more, but how many lives can one truly change in a week?  Sometimes these callings to “go” are more for us than they are for those we are going towards.  I needed my heart to be broken, and I needed to see that God is calling me for more.

I hear arguments from people that, “We shouldn’t have to travel around the world to see we have needs in our own communities,” but I think sometimes being given that perspective is important.  It helps us see needs differently, and to see our own roles in meeting them differently.   God wants us to do locally, and He has also called us to “Go into all the world.”  We can do both, and if we do, He will use us to grow others, and He will help us grow as well.

I’ve been warned to never pray for God to show you what He really wants from you unless you really want to know the answer, because it could change your whole world, take you out of your comfort zone, and lead you to new places.  From the first time I heard the song “I Will Go” (by Starfield) during worship at church, it has brought tears to my eyes every time.  I feel a need to “go,” both locally, and possibly not locally as well.  I don’t always know what good I will be for others, but if I am faithful to go, He will do good through me.  And if you do the same, you will be amazed at what will come.


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