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To Love…

What is love?  What does it take to love?  How can we show love?

A few answers according to Love 146:  “Love protects.  Love defends. Love restores. Love empowers.”

What is Love 146?

This is an amazing organization which exists to save children from becoming victims and to rehabilitate those who have already become victims.  Few people realize how much slavery still exists in our world… but it’s a different type of slavery.  It is mostly children.


Love 146 is an organization of abolitionists, and I want to help them.  I’m an abolitionist now too.

About a year and a half ago I began to run, for the first time in my life.  I always hated running, but I did it for these children.  A few groups from my church formed teams to run a crazy 200 mile relay across Florida ( in an attempt to raise money and awareness for Love 146.  Some of us are doing it again, all the way from Miami to Key West (199 miles).  Yep, I’m still running, because these children do not have the freedoms I have.

What does this have to do with my usual blog topic? Most of these children are orphans, which is how they are so easily targeted to become sex slaves.  Exploited is a better choice of words, actually.  I cannot adopt them all, but I can help protect as many as possible.  Please spread the word about this. Watch the video. Read what my husband wrote on our donation page.  Consider giving.  If you can’t, you can still be a part of the solution by being educated and helping to educate others to this heinous activity. Awareness is critical.

“Love protects. Love defends. Love restores. Love empowers.”  You can help.  Be an abolitionist.